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Space Sector Talent Experts

Revolutionizing Recruitment

Testing your hardware before sending it into space is crucial. Imagine using the same approach in your hiring process to decrease risk and enable you to increase your workforce performance.


Enabling Access Top Tier Talent

We have a talent deficit in our industry and competition for top-qualified individuals is intense. Streamlining hiring practices and having access to active search professionals are key to staying ahead of the curve.

Increase Talent Retention Rates 

As much as 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months. Attitudes drive 89% of hiring failures, while technical skills account for only 11%. The cost of a bad hire can be up to three times their annual salary and can have profound implications for a team's morale.


Interviewing is a time costly process. Interview-to-placement ratios are high. Very often, more than ten interviews are needed to find the right candidate. This can be especially painful when resources to conduct interviews are limited.

How often have you received profiles that have little or nothing to do with the position you are recruiting for? This is a significant flaw in the recruitment industry, and it stems from the "spam-like" approach used by most companies and the lack of technical backgrounds among recruiters.

Maximum Precision


Our Next Generation of Precision Hiring Services for Permanent and Work Package Hires.

Approach to Hiring

Our multi-layer methodology enables retention rates of 96%.
To back this, we offer up to 
12 months replacement policy arrangement on all hires.


Passive hiring, AKA advertising for jobs, have low success rates, especially for senior positions.

Our engineers actively search, screen and reference all candidates for each position to deliver only the best fitting to the requirements. On average, two to three profile submissions turn into a hire.

Advanced Behavioral Assessments 

The large majority of people are hired based on their CV and experience alone and yet leave because of attitude-related issues. We use an advanced behaviour profiling system to find the talent that best fits your business.

96% Retention Rates

Imagine making a new hire knowing with 96% certainty that they'll stay in their role after 12 months. These are the numbers we are able to achieve using our unique methodology.

Zero Energy Wasted

Why burn your valuable time and energy interviewing EVERY candidate? We identify the frontrunners, saving you precious time, effort and resources during the hiring process.

Everything Under One Platform

Our custom platform is accessible 24/7 and allows you to access and compare candidate data, arrange interviews, share thoughts with your hiring managers, and arrange interviews in real-time.

Replacement Policy Up To 12 Months

Has your new Hire quit to become the next ESA Astronaut? Don't worry. We will replace them free of charge during an agreed window of up to 12 Months.

Getting your hiring right the first time, everytime.

Ready to Expand?

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"The space sector is a niche. Knowing how to identify the specific skills that companies need is a REAL competitive advantage.

Hugo has proven that he knows how to present the right candidates thanks to his technical competence and ability to understand the needs of the company by investing the right commitment and without wasting our time."

David Stefano Zolesi - Managing Director

Kayser Space



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